Articles about Tai-Chi Chuan (taijiquan)

The articles listed here are a selection of informative writings that offer insights into the core skills of tai-chi. They represent the thinking from a cross section of tai-chi styles and can be broadly divided between works from Chinese masters which have been translated into English by knowledgable people and English speaking exponents of the art which are written in plain English. Some are illustrated with links to selective examples on utube. Also included are some descriptions of tai-chi forms with utube examples. Practitioners of the neijia of all levels will find something of interest here.

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translations of articles by Chinese masters

Chen Xiaowang on Silk Reeling Energy Skills

Yang Cheng Fu's Ten Essential Points of Tai-Chi

The Quintessence of Wu (Hao) Style Tai-chi by Master Liu Jishun

The Five Levels of Skill in Chen Style Taijiquan by Chen Xiao Wang

Notes on Tai-Chi Practice by Dong YingJie

Chen Ziqiang's requirements for training taijiquan

Yang Style Traditional Training by Daniel Wang

tai-chi forms

Chen Style LaoJia Yi Lu

Chen Style Sword (Jian)

Chen Style Broadsword

Yang Style Form as taught by Yang Cheng Fu

articles by English speaking exponents

The following three interlinked articles by Mike Sigman are on the baseline internal skills of tai-chi and are best read sequentially.

  1. Silk Reeling aka Six Harmonies Motion
  2. Internal Strength
  3. Breath and Internal Strength

Advice for Beginners by Nick Gudge

Guidelines for Doing Silk Reeling Exercises by Mike Sigman

Basic Push Hands Training by Mike Sigman

Ignorance, Legend and Taijiquan by Stanley Henning


The Wood Dragon by Lama Anagarika Govinda


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