My Tai-Chi Studies

My name is Phil and I live near Ynys-las, Borth by the Dyfi Estuary on the west coast of Wales between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. I began studying Yang style tai-chi in 1984 but in 1998 I started studying Chen style tai-chi in my quest for greater understanding.

People are drawn to tai-chi for many reasons. For me the primary interest has always been a love of the movement, yet I can honestly say that it has improved the quality of my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The keys to this development are knowledge, perseverance and of course practice.

tai-chi (taijiquan) in west wales

teachers and study background

2001-2016: Grandmaster Chen Xiao-Wang (19th generation head of the Chen family). Chen style tai-chi: loajia yi lu, silk reeling (Chan si gong), sword forms (3), spear form, stick form, yin-yang qigong, push hands, qinna.


1999-2000 & 2018-2022: Mike Sigman: Internal strength in the neijia & 6H (six harmonies movement).

1998: Master Zhang Xue-Xin. Chen style tai-chi & silk reeling (Chan si gong).

1987-1995: John Kells at the British Tai-Chi Chuan Association, London. Yang style tai-chi: long form (right & left sides), push hands, ta lu, san shou dance, qigong.

1986-1995: Peter Dowding at the Southampton Tai-Chi Chuan Association. Yang style tai-chi: Short form, push hands, qigong.

1984-1985: Si Fu Tay, Southampton. Yang style tai-chi: short form, qigong.


Making the switch from Yang style to Chen style was a painful one. I knew it would be having gone so deeply into the Yang system, so I dragged my heals for a while; but it quickly became evident that Chen style is a far more comprehensive and rewarding (albeit more demanding) system. I haven't looked back since. I feel now that my greatest teacher is Chen Wang-Ting (or whoever else it may have been) who developed the movements contained in the laojia (old frame) all those years ago. A rich and transparent reservoir of insight.

interested in private lessons?

Aberystwyth, Borth, Machynlleth and Dyfi Valley

Currently I am only teaching private classes for people who have a genuine interest in learning how to move using the six harmonies system utilised by the internal arts and to develop an understanding of the associated skills that tai-chi can cultivate. These classes are tailored to the individual student's abilities and are aimed at developing a comprehensive understanding of what tai-chi can be.

If you are interested then you can contact me to start a dialog by using the link on the private classes page and we can work out a bespoke training regime designed to suit you.

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